Vinil Queen - Queen Forever Box
Vinil Queen - Queen Forever Box


SobreVinil Queen - Queen Forever Box

Disco 1

1. Let Me in Your Heart Again
2. Love Kills - The Ballad
3. There Must Be More to Life Than This (William Orbit Mix)
4. Play the Game
5. Dear Friends
6. You're My Best Friend
7. Love of My Life
8. Drowse
9. You Take My Breath Away
10. Spread Your Wings
Disco 2
1. Long Away
2. Lily of the Valley
3. Don't Try So Hard
4. Bijou
5. These Are the Days of Our Lives
6. Nevermore
7. Las Palabras De Amor (The Words of Love)
8. Who Wants to Live Forever
9. Who Wants to Live Forever
10. I Was Born to Love You
Disco 3

1. Somebody to Love
2. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
3. Friends Will Be Friends
4. Jealousy
5. One Year of Love
6. A Winter's Tale
7. '39
8. Mother Love
Disco 4
1. It's a Hard Life
2. Save Me
3. Made in Heaven
4. Too Much Love Will Kill You
5. Sail Away Sweet Sister
6. The Miracle
7. Is This the World We Created...?
8. In the Lap of the Gods... Revisited
9. Forever
Disco 5

1. Let Me in Your Heart Again (William Orbit Mix)

CaracterísticasVinil Queen - Queen Forever Box


  • Nome do ÁlbumQueen Forever-Box
  • IntérpreteQueen
  • GéneroPop-Rock
  • Ano de Lançamento2015
  • EditoraUniversal Music
  • Número de Discos5


  • Referência Worten5817616
  • EAN0602547190635

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